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Software that improves virtual meeting performance in 4 steps.

4 Steps to Meeting Happiness!
Awesome Features

Bella Scena Features

How do we help you take your meetings from average to great?

Meeting as a process technology

We've taken the best behaviors for successful meeting facilitation and baked them into a repeatable process.

Simple solution for all meetings

Manage meetings planned in Bella or in scheduled in other systems for a consistent meeting management process.

Plan for success with visual timelines

Create a visual timeline to highlight areas of focus for the meeting to keep participants on track.

Keep live meetings on track

Use our live heartbeat monitor to keep your meetings flowing smoothly, focusing on the right discussions, and ending on time.

Easily track follow-up actions

We make it easy to export notes via emails or direct download to easily communicate follow-up actions.

All in one productivity

Manage your to do list, meetings, and follow-ups in one place. Use Bella to time block your way to improved productivity.

Improve the status quo

Meetings don't need to be painful and boring

As a leader, you have many demands and pressures to perform and lead your team. You need to achieve individual and team goals. Inefficient and ineffective meetings waste valuable time and energy preventing you from achieving happiness and success.

Four Steps to Meeting Happiness!
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Thoughtfully planned

How much did that unproductive meeting cost you?​

Ever sat in an unproductive meeting and wonder what the time wasted cost your organization? Give our handy unproductive meeting calculator a try to see!

Meeting Calculator

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