How do you make software more engaging?

When we engaged in some research to see how we could improve engagement in Bella, a nifty little idea popped up. What if Bella was a little more tactile? What if we could make Bella feel a little more like that lovely graphite satisfaction of a pencil?

And thus the pencil animation began to take shape.  From the reactions we have received to the pencil animation, I know it’s a choice that made sense.  

So how does it work? When you cross an item off your to do list, our pencil pops up and crosses it out. My favorite part is watching the reaction when I show this feature to a prospective customer. I show it, and then wait. In almost every case, in a few seconds the individual realizes what happens and smiles. It’s almost instinctive.

If you love your pencil, this feature is for you!

Okay, where are you headed next?

We love understanding how you work and appreciate how much you trust us with how you work.  We want to see how our technology can fit for how you work and add a smile where we can.

If you love this idea, I can’t wait to share what we are planning next. But I best save that for a future blog post to keep you intrigued. Hmmm…. what are we plotting next for your productivity pleasure? Being productive should be rewarding and at least a little fun.

We’re here- and we’re listening. That is what human centered software design is all about. We love working to bring beautiful practical design forward to create solutions for you. Because sometimes our software just needs to feel SO GOOD!

If you love your pencil, this feature is for you!
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