What kind of experiences does the planning rebel have? Are you one?  You might be a planning rebel if:

  • Someone rolls their eyes at you in a meeting because you needed to write something down. “Seriously, why can’t you just remember that?”
  • Irritation when we stop multiple running crisscrossed conversations in a meeting. We clarify and repeat the conversation to make sure we understand. We also make sure to note it, so we don’t have to repeat it again next time. We may get that extra special look that says “Hurry up because everyone else has moved on the next thing”.
  • How about getting teased for the enormous length of our to do list. We may hear “How can you find anything on that list?”
  • “Hey, [insert your name here], what did we talk about in the last meeting?” Because we almost ALWAYS have the meeting notes from the last conversation. Cause that is how we roll.
  • We are too rigid because we like to “be organized” and lay out our schedule each day and week. *raises eyebrows*

We celebrate all those planning rebels out there in this post.

I know, it’s not always a friendly place out there for us planning rebels. But there are always at least two sides to the story. How about we try on for size what else we are:

  • The materials that hold it all together because we know what happened and we wrote it down. When we are using the right technology we can even find those notes again.
  • Able to adjust our schedule because we planned it out in advance. We know what’s critical versus nice to have in our day so we can respond to emergencies. When other individuals show up on our doorstep with emergencies, we make it go away. We keep many things from becoming problems because we PLAN.
  • We are always thinking 2-3 steps ahead. We plan today to give us space to breathe. This lets us think about all contingencies and things that we all might have missed. It helps us ensure we can deliver quality work on time. We REALLY care about delivering quality work.
  • We are often a quiet behind the scenes person that is getting stuff DONE. No muss, no fuss, let’s keep this train a movin forward!

We are rebels at heart. We plan as a way to rebel against the chaos and disorder that is around us. We fundamentally believe in plan the work, and work the plan. And we know we can adjust along the way, because we have planned. And best of all, we ALWAYS welcome newcomers to the join the growing ranks of the planning rebels.

We celebrate all those planning rebels out there in this post.

Want to be a planning rebel? We can help you start your journey with the tools and support you’ll need. Start out by joining our Daily Nudge from Bella. Each weekday we share encouragement, tips and tricks, and sometime outright planning spunk to help you start your day.

It’s time to celebrate the planning rebels. At Bella Scena, we are you, we see you and we love you. And we raise our coffee cup to cheer you on! Please tag this and help us celebrate the planning rebels you know and appreciate!

We know how important planning is- it’s why we built Bella. We also know new software alone isn’t the only solution. We need new behaviors and new skills as well.  We want to help be part of the whole solution.

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