Calendar Design Updates

More updates for our calendar!

We rolled out the following changes:

  • All day events were not loading properly from Google Calendar.  We have corrected this problem.
  • All day events were not syncing properly with integrated calendars from Bella as well.  This is also been corrected.
  • Firefox was using different sizes of our Google icon.  Some were normal sized, some were itty bitty teensy weensy.  We’ve updated our designs so they are all normal looking now.

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New Knowledge Base

We’ve moved our online help this month to a new Knowledge base. An upgrade on our old provider turned out to be a downgrade. Somehow a change resulted in the unfortunate effect of breaking all our online help, making it, well, not helpful!

We’ve move to a new Knowledge base, taking the opportunity to add more details on new functions and features here as well- give it a spin and let us know what you think!

See our latest features and developments in Bella Scena

Bug Fixes

We took a wrench and our best fix-it tools to correct some bugs you found in Bella.

We rolled out the following corrections:

  • Re-setting your password wasn’t working properly, we have corrected problems to make this work properly.
  • During Live meeting tracking, the notepad was moving on the screen sometimes and shifting over to the left.  We have corrected the problem so that this no longer occurs.
  • Our link to Google Calendar stopped working.  This only caused a problem for new customers that hadn’t connected a calendar. We have corrected the problem, and it works great again!
  • Did you know that those pop up error messages are called a Toast?  Just like a piece of bread popping out of a toaster.  We were having some problems with one of our errors- it was more like burnt toast.
  • We took an opportunity to re-design how we displayed error messages.  If you try to double book yourself when scheduling a meeting, a little Toast will pop up to give you a warning.  Improving this design will make those little error message less annoying in the future.

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