It was time to reflect, codify, and share. We are launching our first training course on meetings next month.  It’s being gently crafted with the same human centered pragmatic approach we used to build our software. This isn’t about any one software platform, it’s about the skills and behaviors needed to effectively plan meetings. Think of it like driving skills. Once you have mastered how to drive, you can take those skills into many different vehicles and operate with at least a modicum of success. It’s the same with meeting skills. 

I took a couple hundred hours and reflected on all I’ve learned the last 3 years in hundreds of conversations about meeting challenges and successes. I combined this with now 20 + years (gasp-am I that old?) of industry experience planning and attending meetings, both nationally and internationally. But that wasn’t enough.  The material needed feedback and input to make sure it really represents what many of us experience each day.

I worked with Mary Kay from Bus Stop Mama’s, and was able to find 10 women to help make sure this training would be useful. These women had backgrounds across a number of different industries and significant meetings experience. Many had managed entry level talent and could speak to their observations too. They painstakingly reviewed the material to make sure it was as comprehensive as it could be without being overwhelming. They helped me take my systems thinking pragmatic engineering brain and turn it into an online course, quizzes, and a workbook. They also gently encouraged me to get out from behind my little Google slides and get on camera (gulp).  But what do you do when studios are still pretty much off limits due to the pandemic? You do what any little scrappy startup would do- you transform your living room into a studio! This was my first ever green screen experience.

Who teaches you what meetings are anyway? And how do you learn how to plan them? Check out this article for our upcoming meeting offering.

We’ve all been forced through a digital transformation this year. Things that didn’t matter THAT much before have suddenly become glaring holes that are eating our productivity. We want to help. So we’ve gone back to the basics to dust off those meeting skills and help you take a fresh look in order to improve your meetings. This won't be generic advice. This will be practical considerations that you can take with you to improve your skills. More to come as we get ready to launch in September. Thanks for being part of our journey.

Who teaches you what meetings are anyway? And how do you learn how to plan them? Check out this article for our upcoming meeting offering.
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