Office 365 Integration

In the last few months we have had many conversations with individuals and companies using Office 365.  We noticed the conversation would be extremely excited about Bella, and then you would wilt like a flower that ran out of water when you found out it wasn’t quite ready yet for Office 365.

We are happy to report we are making very nice progress on developing features for Office 365 integration!  Most of our time this month has gone to getting the first pieces of this in place. We know you love a good surprise, so we are keeping this work hidden until we have it completed later this month.  How about a sneak peek at what we finished this month?  I won’t tell if you won’t tell.  ;o)

  • We set up our system on the back-end systems groundwork to make it possible to add the integration to Office 365 accounts.
  • We have the sign up process working with a Microsoft account.
  • We have the sign in process working with a Microsoft Account.

Stay tuned as we get this finished later this month. Please reach out if you want us to contact you when this is ready!

Read the latest developments and new features in Bella Scena.

Easier To Hit The Buy Button

We had a lot of feedback to move up our purchase button to make it easier for you to find in order to buy Bella.  We originally had it at the bottom of the screen.

Those of you coming to buy Bella wanted more instant gratification.  And of course we love it when you purchase Bella too. So now it is at the top of the screen for your purchasing pleasure!

Read the latest developments and new features in Bella Scena.

Bug Fixes

We took a wrench and our best fix-it tools to correct some bugs you found in Bella.

We rolled out the following corrections:

  • We had a problem in our integration with Stripe- a US state was being requested even for other countries. I know, I know, it’s as if we were the only ones in the universe! Arghhhhh! We have corrected that problem.
  • We had a bug in our meeting visual timeline that was causing two hour meetings to appear very strange.  This has been fixed.
  • We had a problem on some of the Bella emails where our name wasn’t being properly shown at the bottom.  The culprit has been located and apprehended and problem is fixed!

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