Meeting Management Features

One of the core ideas in Bella is changing how we work. Based on our research, we know that the way meetings are being conducted is just plain broken.  We’re all struggling for different reasons.  Painful meetings was one of the first big productivity drains we identified when we started the whole Bella journey almost 2 1/2 years ago.

So how are we changing the process?  This is such a huge piece of functionality for us that we will be devoting entire videos and blog posts to explaining how this works in the Bella world in the coming weeks.  A few sneak peeks for you to whet your appetite:

  • Meetings have three distinct phases in the Bella world.  The planning, the meeting itself, and the follow-up activities. Our product treats meetings as a process, not an event on your calendar.
  • All meetings require a meeting goal- so that the participants know why they are all there.  Meeting goals are added in addition to the meeting title and are required.  We tried to be a little playful with our goal descriptions to give you a reason to smile.
  • To provide incentive to create a meeting agenda, we have a visual timeline.  This makes it easy to start to think about what should be discussed in a meeting instead of just scheduling a time on the calendar.  You are NOT required to create an agenda, but we hope that by making it easy to see visually what you want to have happen, you’ll be interested in creating that agenda.  Think of it like eating your veggies- with enough butter and salt those veggies taste great!
  • During the meeting itself, we have live meeting tracking to help you keep your meetings on track, and to have shared meeting notes.  That’s right- no more having several different versions of what happened in your meeting!  And we can stop the painful game of “Who had that follow-up?” that so many of us are living with today.
Check out the latest features and developments in Bella Scena.
Check out the latest features and developments in Bella Scena.
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