Calendar Design Updates

We received a number of requests related to our calendar.  Some of them included updating the default time the calendar is using when first logging into the system as well as improvements we can make to how to-do’s integrate into the calendar.

We rolled out the following changes:

  • Created a new Month overview that shows the scheduled items over the course of a month.
  • Most of you didn’t start your day at 12 am (our bad- let’s just say our founder used to work some seriously weird hours due to international consulting work). The default time the calendar shows when logging in is now 6 a.m. for all the normal people.
  • We no longer tease you with an All day section that doesn’t let you schedule in it! We added the ability to drag to do’s to the All-Day section of the calendar.
  • Set the current time to show on the calendar as a solid line
  • Increased the height of the to do box before requiring additional scrolling.
  • The To Do box height and calendar height were like those days when you put on one shoe each from two different pairs(Of course you only discover this when in line at the coffee shop where you now start praying no one looks at your feet- not that I speak from experience or anything).  We have now made sure the heights match and the To-Do box is at the same height of the calendar.

New features and updates on the latest developments in Bella Scena

Multi-User Subscriptions

Up to this point, we’ve only supported individual subscriptions.  While we still firmly believe in putting on your own planning oxygen mask first, we realize you might want the whole team working on their planning activities (plus it costs a whole lot less per person when you combine into your teams).

We have now rolled out the ability to upgrade subscriptions to pay for multiple individuals at one time. Now you no longer have to keep the planning party to yourself!

New features and updates on the latest developments in Bella Scena

Bug Fixes

We took a wrench and our best fix-it tools to correct some bugs you found in Bella.

We rolled out the following corrections:

  • When logging in with email address and password and pressing enter key, Bella tried to use Google login(sort of like when you tell a toddler not to climb on that chair so of course that is what they do next).  She is behaving better now and using the email login the proper way.
  • While we could drag and drop images into instant meetings, copy and paste from the clipboard wasn’t working.  We’ve corrected that problem.
  • When a second participant logs into an instant meeting, their status was still showing invited, essentially making them a meeting lurker.  This has been fixed (no more lurking, statuses are correct now).
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