1.  You just plain miss people. It doesn’t matter if you call it social distancing or physical distancing. It stinks for most of us. If you are an extrovert and derive your energy from people, this might be a particularly hard time. The loneliness of not being around people will mess with your emotions. If you are an introvert, you also miss people. You probably miss smaller groups of people since they exhaust you less than large groups.  Both introverts and extroverts will have different struggles, but we all miss being around people. We are humans, and we like being around other humans at least once in a while.

What might you do? Consider getting more regular dialog with people you cherish in your life. They will help get you through the difficult moments. Go for the gold here- the brass ring, the ones you love the absolute most! They will trigger the happiest emotions for you. They might be former colleagues that you found delightful, they might be family or friends. Put the time on your calendar that you are going to call, and make yourself do it. You won’t regret it.  Those on the receiving end will probably thank you for it.

Are you new to working from home? After years of working from home, we share insights on what we've learned to survive working from home.

2. Work gets harder. Well, not the work itself, but organizing it and making sure things get completed. Are you noticing it feels harder to get things done? Why is that? It’s much easier to work through challenges when you are in the same room or office. Everyone went remote at one time.  Cold turkey, full stop, just here’s your new norm. It’s beautiful and messy all at the same time. And unfortunately right now it is just required.  This pressure from work feeling harder may continue to mount over the coming weeks and months.

What might you do?  It’s easy for miscommunications to escalate when working remotely. Consider setting up a mix of working sessions calls coupled with emails. DO NOT try to go to most/all emails. Too much context gets lost if you do this and it adds to the feelings of isolation. Having a mix of calls and emails will help things run smoother.

Are you new to working from home? After years of working from home, we share insights on what we've learned to survive working from home.

While working from home can be rewarding and a nice change of pace, it requires adjustments. We want to help make this easier for you. The best way we know how is to share our own knowledge and experiences. This week we are also doing a webinar to talk about how to build a more focused meeting. We’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you as your adjust to having all your meetings while being remote. Many of what we’ll share informed how we built Bella Scena. We’ll also share how you can improve your meetings even if you aren’t on our platform.

To quote that famous philosopher Red Green, “Remember I’m pulling for ya. We’re all in this together”.

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