Accepting a meeting invitation

Bella brings forward a new way to meet by bring engagement into the meeting process before the meeting occurs. This is first demonstrated through a meeting set-up process that includes a meeting goal, so participants know the purpose of the meeting. The second change is how meeting acceptances work.

Meeting participants are sent a meeting invitation after a meeting is saved that looks like this:

If the participant is not a Bella user, they will be asked to create an account. Don’t worry, these accounts for participants are free!

If the participant is already a Bella user, clicking the invite will bring up them to their calendar and they will see this pop-up:

Note- you will see the participants names on the screen within Bella so that you know who is in the meeting.

There are a few key differences here from a traditional meeting. First, you see the goal of the meeting. Next, you see the list of participants up front so you know who is in this meeting.

Finally, you see any agenda items that were assigned to for this meeting. This is key because it tells you what you will need to prepare because you have an assigned agenda item. Upon clicking “Accept All” it will add a task to your to do list called “Prep Time: +agenda item name”. This will help you manage expectations on what is needed from you for this meeting.

For example, let’s say you had an agenda item assigned to you to Present a Marketing plan. When you accept a meeting, the meeting will be saved on your calendar and synced to any connected calendars. A to-do will also be added to your list to prepare for the meeting.

By putting the meeting on your calendar, as well as items in your list to prepare for the meeting, we position you to have a better meeting as you will be more prepared for the meeting. We also give you a clearer understanding of what it costs you to have a meeting, as all the time is accounted for.

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