Creating a meeting with a visual timeline

Useful meetings don’t ramble: they have goals, and they actually get to the topics needed to fulfill those goals. So Bella doesn’t just list what needs to be covered, but chunks the time on a timeline to make sure you get to all those topics. Create the meeting via the Create Menu button.

Before you build out the agenda, the timeline at the top of the page has two items by default: an Intro and a wrap-up. This is to remind you to level-set at the beginning the meeting and to build time in to close out the meeting. These are required and cannot be deleted.

The agenda items start out as blank, so you can add your own items:

Let’s make this a little more vibrant.

Clicking on “Add Agenda Item” will create this box in all that sterile white space.

Filling it in and clicking on the “Add Agenda Item” will change the timeline:

The Item Name is now displayed as the topic for that part of the meeting.

Clicking on the box will show the details on that item in the agenda, as well as change the box’s color to indicate that its content is currently on display in the agenda.

One thing to note- sometimes it takes a little while to think through and plan out your agenda. We built meeting drafts for just this purpose. You can save your meeting as a draft (in lower right hand 3 dot menu) then continue to build out the agenda later. Once you finalize the draft and “Save Meeting” the meeting invitations will be sent.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

If you have additional questions, please reach out. We would love to help.

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