Creating a meeting with Zoom

Are you using Zoom for your conferencing? We've got you covered to make it easy to use Zoom for your next Bella Scena meeting.  First, make sure you have set up Zoom to work with Bella Scena. If you haven't already done that, please click here for more details to do that. Next, create your meeting.

First, add your participants to the meeting. Enter their individual email addresses in the participants box. Now, let's focus on setting up the meeting details.

Set up your meeting name. Next, identify the meeting goal. The meeting goal tells everyone why this meeting should exist and what we are trying to accomplish with the meeting. Next, select Zoom as a conferencing provider. When this is selected, the Zoom link will be added upon the meeting being saved. With all the basic details set up, it is time to build out the agenda. Click "Add Agenda Item" button to add a new item.

Once you have clicked the Add agenda item button a new screen displays with options to build out your agenda. Here more information is added on the specific items to be added. Add the name of the agenda item, and how long to reserve for that item. Finally, if you wish you can add a responsible participant for that item. When ready, click the "Add Agenda Item" button.

One you've clicked "Add Agenda Item" you will see the item you created added to the visual timeline. When you have finished building out the agenda and want the request to be sent to the participants for the meeting, click the "Save Meeting" button.

Meeting invitation emails will be sent to the participants with all the meeting details. Now- curious to see what it looks like on the meeting after you saved it? If you click in the meeting on the calendar, you can view those details.

Once the meeting is selected, the meeting details show. Here you can update the agenda or add more participants. Note your Zoom link is shown in the Notes section for easy viewing.

Now when you are ready to start your meeting, you'll log into Bella to start the meeting, and click your Zoom link to start the audio and video conference.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

If you have additional questions, please reach out. We would love to help.

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