Getting started with the Digital Notebook

What Is the Digital Notebook?

It’s the replacement for the back of the envelope, for those times when you find yourself in a meeting outside of Bella, or even offline, and you find you’ve taken notes that you need to keep. Unlike the Instant Meetings and the Meetings, the Digital Notebook is not collaborative, so it can be very useful for transferring information from other tools (or even paper!) into Bella.

How to Open the Digital Notebook? 

On the calendar, where we create meetings, we can choose to create a Digital Notebook.

Click on “Create Meeting” in the upper right, scroll down to “Create Digital Notebook” and click on that link. 

Below is the resulting page.

To replace the “New Digital Notebook” title for the page to something useful to you, click on the small pencil icon: 

Directly below the title for this particular digital notebook, we can also give the date and time this digital notebook is created.  If we prefer, we can instead back date to when the meeting occurred and change the time to when the meeting occurred.

Then it’s just a matter of adding our notes directly into the Notes section: by typing directly into the space, or by copy and pasting from another source, including email.  

Changing the title, the date and the time, and adding notes will result in a digital notebook that looks much like this: 

Does the Digital Notebook Have the Functionality of the Other Meeting Types? 

The note space in the Digital Notebook is not collaborative, unlike in the Meetings and Instant Meetings. But it has all the other functionality of a meeting. For instance, we can invite Joe Saginaw by adding his name to the “Add Meeting Participants” interactive box in the “Participants” column. 

We can also assign to do’s, just like with the other meeting types. With Joe in the meeting, Michelle can assign him a to do’s.

To do so, Michelle highlights the section that she wants to turn into a to do for Joe, which triggers a plus sign pops up. 

Clicking on the plus sign pops up the box for assigning the to do.

Filling in and clicking on “Create To Do” in that pop-up will give the task to Joe, will inform him of when the task is due, and will give him an estimate of how long the task will take.

Once the to do is created, Joe’s name will appear in the notes preceded by the “@” sign and the relevant section will be highlighted. 

Saving the digital notebook at the end of the session will also send all the to do’s created during that session. To save, click on “Finish Notes” in the bottom right.

When the “finished notes” is clicked, the digital notebook is locked from further change.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

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