Instant meeting for real time note collaboration

Want to jointly share meeting notes with another participant in real time?

Bella’s instant meeting functionality has many different uses.One handy use is for collaborating with fellow meeting participants to track notes and follow up’s for each of the participants. Meeting notes are saved to everyone’s Bella calendar so that no one loses the notes again!

Note- instant meetings don’t establish a conference call line- they are simply a shared canvas for your notes.

To use Bella to collaborate on meeting notes, simply start an instant meeting via the menu:

In the participant box, enter the email address for the person that you would like to invite to collaborate and press the enter key

The participant invited will receive an email like this:

If the participant is already a Bella user, clicking the invite will bring them into the meeting.

If they have not signed up yet, there is a quick and easy registration process to sign up for Bella.  After signing up and signing in, the participant will see the following:

Take meetings notes, and highlight any text to create a to do for any of the meeting participants. Click the + button:

All meeting participants will show up in the drop down list:

Select a participant and click “Create To Do”.

Click the finish button to complete the meeting and save the to-do’s onto the participant’s to-do lists.

The meeting is saved on the calendar, along with the accompanying to-do’s:

And there you have it- both participants have copies of the notes, as well as the follow-ups!

Still no luck? We are here to help!

If you have additional questions, please reach out. We would love to help.

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