Instant meeting notes for personal notes

Bella’s instant meeting notes is your digital notebook to make sure you never lose your notes again.  Instant meetings are saved on the calendar when the meeting occurred, so you can find them again. Start by click the create instant meeting in the menu to start your real time collaborative canvas.

Begin taking your meeting notes here.   Use the toolbar to perform any formatting, lists, or add different fonts to your notes.

The collaborative canvas can also help you add your follow-ups from the meeting to your to do list automatically. To do this highlight a line of text and click the plus button.

Select your name in the Choose participant box, and update the Due in box or estimated time to complete if desired.  Once complete, click the Create To Do button.

The To-Do Assigned To box will pop-up confirming the to do is created.

The text will be highlighted with an @ symbol in front of the to-do, along with the person for whom the to do was created.

Once the meeting is finished, click the finish button to save it to your calendar and have the to-do’s automatically created.

Meeting notes saved to the calendar
To-do’s added from notes automatically to to-do list

And there you have it!  The meeting notes are now right on your calendar where you took them during the meeting for easy retrieval in the future.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

If you have additional questions, please reach out. We would love to help.

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