Live Meeting Tracking

Bella doesn’t just encourage focus with meeting planning, she helps you keep that focus during the meeting itself!

With Bella encouraging you all the way, your meeting will already be thoughtfully developed, with a goal, agenda topics, and a schedule on the timeline. To start the meeting, you’ll right click on it on your calendar, but now, you’ll see a clock with the button to start the meeting.

And by clicking on “start meeting”, you’ll see a new timer on your timeline:

That timer will keep your team focused and provides a gentle reminder to help keep everyone focused.

Once the meeting starts, the middle panel–where you built the agenda–now can be used for collaborative note-taking. Responsibility for note taking is different within Bella too. Now everyone can help take notes, or clarify points in the collaborative canvas. It is a real time shared canvas.

Similar to instant meetings within Bella, it’s easy to track who is taking follow-up to-do’s. Simply highlight the text in the notes, and click the + button:

Select the meeting participant that should have the to do assigned. Additionally, you can add due dates as well as an estimated time it will take to complete.

A Pop-up box will display allow you to assign the follow-up to a particular participant. Click the “Create To Do” to add the follow up to the meeting notes.

As the meeting gets closer to the end, it will be time to wrap-up the meeting. Within the wrap-up section of the meeting, each participant can fill out their own anonymous survey to share how the meeting went for them. This allows us to check to see if the meeting goal was met, and what improvements could be made for the future.

These evaluation forms are incredibly useful. Effective and efficient meetings are difficult to do. Just look at the ever-changing fads in meetings (like the 5 minute stand up) and the long history of grumbling about meetings.  We think meetings can improve, but that it requires feedback that is relevant to your situation, not simply the most recent guru’s advice.  Collecting feedback in the moment, in your context, will over time show you what your teams want and don’t want from your meetings, and you can then craft your meetings to fit those needs.

Now that you have covered your meeting agenda, gotten through the wrap-up, it’s time to end the meeting.

To end a meeting, click on the Finish Meeting button in the bottom right (you’ll potentially need to scroll down to it).

Once the meeting is finished, Bella locks the meeting notes and saves them on the calendar. Meeting notes from a completed meeting will have a message on them indicating they are locked.

Even better- all those to do’s that you took in the meeting notes? They are added to the to-do lists for the appropriate participant. No more lost follow-ups!

And there you have it- meetings managed as a process, with follow-ups taken to keep your team on track!

Still no luck? We are here to help!

If you have additional questions, please reach out. We would love to help.

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