Meeting Follow-up reporting

In the research done to build Bella, we often heard that meeting follow-ups were a common pain point. Often the follow-up to see if items were done just didn't happen. In the time between meetings, it was impossible to know if individuals were working on the items from the previous meeting. We've added follow up reporting to close the loop on this challenge. First, run your meetings the same way you normally would. Add your to-do's for the participants.

Now, when you complete your meeting, you will see something new.  We added the current state of the to-do's from the meeting aligned under each participants name:

You go about your normal activities. If you want to check in to see if items are getting complete, simply open the meeting again in Bella. In real-time you can see the status of those items. You can see if they are still sitting unscheduled on a to do list, are scheduled for certain times. You can see if they are completed, or if they were just deleted off someone's list. Pretty nifty, eh?


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