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Learn the secrets to an effective business meeting

What does it cost you to lose an hour? Most people are losing at least 2 hours per week to ineffective meetings. What if that time is spent on internal meetings, when instead you could be working on client work? Now how much is this costing you?

What if spending one hour could give you the tools and tactics you need to improve over 100 meetings per year?

My meetings are lackluster and boring........

Hi, I'm Amber and my meetings used to be ineffective and well, sometimes really boring.

Like a lot of meeting facilitators, I wanted my meetings to be effective and help the organization make forward progress. But it seemed liked my meetings were so inconsistent. Some were great- some were a waste of an hour. It was really frustrating.

Then I realized my meeting planning was the problem. I was making them work for me- but only me.

I started picking up some simple strategies for how to consider the participants viewpoint. I started learning what information to share and when. My meeting quality and outcomes kept getting better and better. Participants started to want to come to my meetings. Best of all, they were more likely to be prepared. They were engaged and everyone's needs were met.

In this course, I'll share the tactics and strategies I've learned along the way.

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Everything you need to consider when planning an effective business meeting. Freshen up your meeting skills and learn to plan from participant perspective to improve your meeting outcomes.

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9 high quality videos. Consume videos at your pace and on your schedule. Re-visit as often as you need.

Quizzes will help you apply what you've learned.

Workbook with lesson summaries

Key takeaways are summarized in our 20 page workbook. Have easy to reference material to reinforce the meeting concepts.

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Cheatsheets and checklists

We've covered the essentials when planning your next meeting. With checklists ranging from how to know when you need a meeting to making sure you have the roles and responsibilities covered, we've got you covered.


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Take this course to gain greater
knowledge to plan effective meetings.
As a career changer, this course is incredibly
helpful to prepare me for planning meetings.👏
Intercultural and organizational considerations
in this course were very interesting and not something
I had considered before.
I learned a lot about the philosophy of preparing for a
meeting to achieve the outcome I am looking for!  💎
This is invaluable to help the
meeting organizer think about
the meeting from the perspective
of the attendee.   💥💥
Super great foundational information!
This is great to help me decrease my
anxiety when preparing for meetings!
Clear, concise, and actionable course! 💥
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A sampling of course lessons

What will we cover? Here are a few of the course topics we'll cover:

Course Modules

Module 1-What are meetings anyway?

How do you actually know what a meeting is? We'll define it and use the FATES to describe it's attributes.

Module 2-Understanding common types of business meetings

What are the most common types of business meeting? We'll share our list and definitions of when different meeting types should be used. We'll share tips on these meetings you won't find elsewhere.

Module 3-How do I know if I need a meeting?

Struggling with whether something should be an email or a meeting? We've got a handy checklist to help you decide.

Module 4-Understanding meeting roles

We examine meeting roles from both the planning and attendee perspective. Make sure you have the right roles in your meetings for them to run effectively.

Module 5-Who should attend my meeting?

We'll help you avoid common meeting scheduling traps. You won't be "THAT" person avoided for meetings again.

Module 6-How do I determine the topics I should have in a meeting?

Not a professional meeting organizer? We'll help you ask yourself the right questions to set a great agenda for your next meeting.

Module 7-What materials & supporting technology should I include in a meeting?

We'll help you understand the supporting materials to include in your meeting. We'll also help you identifying the supporting technology needed.

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