4 Steps to Meeting Happiness!

Bella Scena helps you create meetings that are can’t miss affairs.  Our four step meetings as a process technology and training programs help you craft productive, efficient meetings that no one wants to miss.  Are you ready to be the Chief Meeting Officer?

I want unmissable meetings

Planning for success

Bella helps everyone get clear on your reasons for meeting by adding meeting goals and a visual timeline. Visual timelines help you craft your plan for the meeting to position for success.
Engage your meeting participants during meeting acceptance by shared meeting details and any items assigned to the participants.  No more guessing if you need to prepare for a meeting!
Transform how your meetings are run:
Use the Bella live “heartbeat” monitor to provide a visual reminder to stay on track.

Use the collaborative real time meeting canvas to allow everyone to help take notes. Notes are saved right on your calendar in Bella- so you never lose them again.

Capture follow-up actions and add automatically to participant to do lists.
Follow up for meeting is a breeze- items are automatically added to your participant do to lists.  No more individual notes and follow ups needed.
Never lose your meeting notes again. Notes are saved right on your calendar for easy retrieval.
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